Monday, November 8, 2021


Change Sings is the name of a wonderful book, written by Amanda Gorman and illustrated by Loren Long.  Our classes have read the book and discussed the themes and ideas found inside.  We all have a voice and the power to change the world - if even in little ways - to build kindness, peace, and acceptance.   

It was very exciting today as we got to take part in a LIVE conversation with the author and illustrator!  We joined together with children from all over the school, state, country, and world!  107 countries were represented in the event, and we all really enjoyed our time together!  

When the event ended, each 2nd Grader created their own beautiful piece of art - which when combined with their peers' creations, will create a magnificent display in our hallway.  We'll be sure to share our final product with you all when it's completed.  We're very excited about it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 Reminder: Tomorrow (Thursday, November 4th) is  a school wide celebration. We invite our students to dress up like their favorite book character! Please no weapons or full face masks. Thank you. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Spreading Kindness

 We talk lots about finding ways to be kind to each other and when we see a need, we find ways to fill it.  This quick little video is a wonderful example that tells a story about how we can all find ways to "pay it forward" and make others' days a little brighter and kinder......enjoy. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


 As we're trying to learn our math facts, and master our "doubles", 2nd Graders are engaging in Math Talks with their teachers.  Kids are asked to solve problems and explain their thinking.  They use what they know and apply this to new facts and problems.  Teachers show them how to write their thinking "like a mathematician" and defend their answers.  Good job, kids!

Math Challenges Can Be Fun!!!

How many Skittles fit into a jar?  Let's estimate.....and then solve to check our ideas!  It took teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving to face this challenge and stretch our thinking, but we DID IT!

Using a 100s Chart to add larger numbers..... great use of tools and strategies!

Making groups and counting by 10s to figure out large sums!

Talking about and sharing math ideas and language!

Checking to make sure that their sum makes sense...... is our answer reasonable?

Working with another team to share and defend answers..... how did YOU solve it?  Can you explain it?

Presenting math thinking to the class....using 10s and 1s and number strings to figure out the final answer!


Writing Stories in 2nd Grade!

 Writing stories about our lives is lots of fun!  2nd Graders are working hard to tell stories in order using words like next, then, and finally....... soon they'll be adding details that help their readers really make pictures in their minds about what's happening.... it's all pretty exciting!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Dance Party!!!

 The school celebrated lighting the RES light board twice by having an outdoor dance party. Our second graders had some fantastic dance moves to share with their peers. Students also enjoyed coloring with chalk and playing with bubbles. 


Change Sings is the name of a wonderful book, written by Amanda Gorman and illustrated by Loren Long.  Our classes have read the book and d...